Friday, October 08, 2004

Tai Chi for Criminals: Santa Fe Lawbreakers Sentenced to Tai Chi Classes

While most people in the Tai Chi world are arguing which style is more effective in fighting or is more suitable for health purposes, Judge Frances Gallegos is putting a new spin on anger management in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is now offering Tai Chi and meditation to people with domestic violence cases. This is a clear example that Tai Chi’s basic idea of letting go and non-resistance are gaining more and more popularity and understanding from the outside world. But here comes the real question: How many of us can actually apply these principles in our daily life? I would love to hear some real success stories.


thepan17 said...

I was not taught that it was a complete letting go. I was taught that it is not like being spaghetti, but rather al dente linguini. Non resistance does not mean buckling or going to mush--it's like there is an acknowledgement of the force coming at you.

I have had limited success in achieving this in real life, although I see that in theory it makes sense. An example I have where I am doing the opposite of the Tai Chi thing and consequently I am NOT happy, is that the inmates I teach (GED class in a halfway house) occasionally bang my classroom door and do a runner afterward, seemingly to annoy me. I tell the ones that I catch not to do it, or I write them up. The more attention I pay to it, the more the behaviors increase, probably due to them seeing they get a little power out of "getting me off my square". The anger in me is building so much that I may send the next one back to prison. This is just like hard style technique of force against force where the stronger, or bigger force wins. I don't want this. I'd rather win by yielding,or better yet, create a win/win or at least stop the damage to myself and my own disturbed peace while not damaging the "offenders", but in my tension and holding on I have forgotten how. Any suggestions?


The Pan

Erik Mann said...
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