Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who Killed Professor Cheng Man-Ching

Professor Cheng left a legacy behind when he passed away at the age of 75. However, his death also raised questions about his immortality, Tai Chi skill, and the correctness of his teaching. Although Wolf Lowenthal insisted that Professor Cheng had prepared for his death by hand picking his successors in his New York dojo before he went back to Taiwan, so much rumors had aroused overshadowed this notion.

I asked about professor’s death when I was on a trip to Taiwan. Most people reiterated what a professor at the National Taiwan University had told me - professor was poisoned. In his book Steal My Art, T.T. Liang also recalled the incident and advocated that professor was in fact being poisoned. The stroke that led to his death was caused by his failure to recover from the poison. If this is true, the questions remained are who wanted to kill professor, what was the motive behind the killing, and who was involved?

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cloudhander said...

Hi Neo.
I studied with Pat Kelly (student of both Ben Lo & Lenzie Williams) in the CMC style for over 5 years. The story I heard was that the professor was very fond of wine, and received a bad bottle.
The professor's wife was very upset w/Tam, the paraphrased quote was, "You were supposed to take care of him!"
That's what I heard, anyways.