Sunday, October 17, 2004

Wu Style Self-Defense Demonstration -- "Repulse Monkey" Technique

On page 157 of “Tai Chi Chuan” by Cheng Tin-Hung, an application of the “Repulse Monkey” technique is provided as the following:

  1. If my opponent attacks me with a left and right punch combination, I will use my right hand to “ward-off” his left hand, use my left hand to “push” his right wrist, and move my right foot quickly to the front of my left side. (Picture 1)
  2. After I put my left leg to the back of my opponent’s left leg, I will kick back using my right heel while using my right arm to attack his chest at the same time. (Picture 2 and 3)
  3. Please remember that the movement of the hand, foot, waist, and the entire body should be at the same speed to be effective.
(Note: These pictures were taken at the "rooftop" dojo of Cheng Tin-Hung.)

Grandmaster Cheng Tin-Hung in Action - Repulse Monkey

Here is the Wu Style "Repulse Monkey" demonstrated by Grandmaster Cheng Tin-Hung.