Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lower Your Cholesterol and Heal Your Heart

Heart decease has become the number one killer of our age. Unlike a decade ago, most health care practitioners agreed that diet and exercise are, in additional to medical treatments, also extremely important in the combat against heart attack.

Tai Chi legend Wu Tu-Nan, who was strong and formidable even before he passed away at the age of 108, recommended a simple way to both lower your Cholesterol and heal your heart. Here are the three simple steps:
  1. Practice Tai Chi 10 or more minutes a day.
  2. Focus on your middle finger.
  3. Use the middle finger to lead all the movements.
Note: Wu Tu-Nan had 7 years of western medical training and 6 years of Chinese medicine training. He had healed many people with different ailments that both Chinese and western medicine were unable to heal.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Frog Starring at the Sky

A long time ago, a frog look into the sky from the bottom of a well said to himself, “The sky is limited. Why do I have to bother?” -- Chuang Tze

Is this a common misconception of our world caused by our bias or non-open mindedness? Most people practicing Tai Chi nowadays are limiting what they believed to be Tai Chi. Most of us even believed that TC is great, but if I am really into a fight, I will use my Karate, boxing, or jujitsu. What’s your limiting view of Tai Chi?